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Wednesday, October 5

PLAYERS illustrated by @noma_bar for Don DeLillo series for @picadorbooks -- - - Players is Don DeLillo's fifth novel, published in 1977. It follows Lyle and Pammy Wynant, a young and affluent Manhattan couple whose casual boredom is overturned by their willing participation in chaotic detours from the everyday.

3 new covers by @noma_bar for the Don DeLillo series @picadorbooks RATNERS STAR Billy Twillig has won the first Nobel Prize ever to be given in mathematics. Set in the near future, this book charts an innocent's education when Billy is sent to live in the company of 30 Nobel laureates and he is asked to decipher transmissions from outer space.

3 new covers by @noma_bar for the Don DeLillo series @picadorbooks -- - MAO II - Once you’re a firm DeLillo convert you might want to try his most aphoristic novel, in which a reclusive novelist attempts to free a poet held hostage in Beirut. Mao II explores DeLillo’s thoughts on a world in which the writer’s influence on the inner life of a culture now belongs to bomb-makers and gunmen.