Monday, November 13

Dermot Flynn - Marmite Phenomenon

It all started with Dermot's illustrations for the new Marmite Love & Hate advertising campaign - with which Dermot won none other than a Silver Lion Award at Cannes!!

It then started to snowball. Dermot did some fun stuff for Marmart by drawing our most Loved and Hated celebrities onto toast in Marmite Squeezy.

Then - thanks to all involved over at Splendid Dermot went on to become an overnight international Marmite star! and since has exhited his Love & Hate toast in a prestigious London Mayfair gallery.

He's had a Tv interview on This Morning with Philip Schofield, Fern Britten and special guests Cannon & Ball!!!

He's had radio interviews on Radio 4 and Belfast Radio, articles writtten online such as SKY Online, and PlanetGoneCrazy a special feature in Reveal magazine and articles written about him in respected newspapers such as The Times, Independant and....the London Metro!

It isn't the career route we planned for Dermot but hey - doesn't he look happy!