Thursday, February 8

BIG in Japan

Miki is in Japan for the next 4 weeks with back-to-back meetings - showing around the Dutch Uncle group portfolio and spreading the love with our limited edition Tokyo promo posters.

This week saw him visiting ad agency Dentsu, Shiseido, some uber-cool design agencies in and around Shibuya, Sony Records, the new offices of our best friend Atsushi Umezawa @ GlamBeast, saying a big hello to our friend HIRO (currently making waves in the Tokyo fashion scene), Vogue, Casa Brutus etc.. etc...etc.

We will be posting various pics throughout his stay. Here are a few he sent us today.

(Dentsu Reception with state-of-the-art scanner security)

(Shibuya - the busiest crossing in the world)

(Shiseido reception)

(GlamBeast new office)