Monday, March 12

Dutch Uncle Agency / Colophon2007 Photos

Dan is back from his presentation about the agency and our artists at the Colophon2007 event in Luxembourg.

His presentation showcased some of of the projects we've recently worked on, along with personal work by our artists. The aim was to get a good balance of commercial and experimental work out there. It sounds like it was a great success with his talk being described as concrete and inspirational.

Unfortuntaly, he had to rush back to London on the last day and missed as he says 'the icing on the cake' but from what we hear a great time was had. He says he was inspired by some of the talks, enlightened by the Designers vs Editors panel discussion moderated by Jeremy Leslie, he met a world of like-minded people and is totally exhausted. I think he also managed to fit in some cool parties and late nights during the weekend! More pics to come soon....

(illustration presentation)

(a morning stroll through Luxembourg)