Tuesday, April 10

DRAGON - Bagdad Cafe The Trench Town > Album Artwork

"Soul rockers" Bagdad Cafe The Trench Town formed as an 11 member band in 2001. Their first album, "Love Sunset" was released in August 2003 and they were featured as a new artist on Osaka’s FM802 radio station.

In January 2004 the band were included on a compilation album called "GUT+1", on which artists such as GEISHA GIRLS and Smokey&Miho were also present and in March of that year they participated in the single "The Love Bug". April saw the band perform at Tower Records’ "Japan Reggae Festa" along with artists such as PUSHIM and FIREBALL. "Up Right & Smiley", the band’s 2nd album, was released in June of that year and they were put on power play on Tokyo FM. They were also chosen as Tower Records’ "no music no life" artist in the same month.

DRAGON created the cover artwork for the bands 4th Album "Good Times" and its been playing in our studio all afternoon. The London suns a shining.