Thursday, May 10

Exhibition - RackGaki (Ryo Sanda and Suridh Hassan) @ StolenSpace

We've been invited to this by our pal Ron Jonzo @ StolenSpace

RackGaki 10th May - 20th May. The exhibition accompanies the publication of the first book on Japanese graffiti, RackGaki, by Ryo Sanda and Suridh Hassan. This is the first book devoted to the Japanese scene. The exhibition will also feature work by other artists in the book and a screening of the accompanying DVD. Japan’s two leading Graffiti artists’ KRESS and ESOW are flying over from Tokyo to create a piece which will form the centrepiece of the Exhibition. In addition to the graffiti piece, there will be canvases, books, limited addition screen prints and books for sale at the exhibition.

See you there...