Friday, July 18

Who's Who In Contemporary Fashion / Anniversary Special

26 of our illustrators were chosen to illustrate a special Anniversary Feature in the 2008 Who's Who of Contemporary Fashion by Sportswear International. Each brand illustrated by an artist is marking a major anniversary whether they are celebrating 10 or 100 years. I'll be posting all of the illustrations up online next week, but in the meantime here's Lyndon's cover illustration.

Who's Who Cover from left to right:
(Click image to see the larger version)

Alison Buddenhagen, Closed; Sandro Fratini, Rifle; Stefaan Le Clair, Lee Cooper; Filip Arickx, AF Vandervorst; Denise Seegal, Nautica; AN Vandervorst, AF Vandervorst; Wolfgang Endler-Ross, Timezone; Augusto Romano, Romano/Meltin'Pot; Heinz Krogner, Espirit; Diane Von Furstenberg; John Richmond; Karl Lagerfeld; Marc Ecko; Chuck Taylor, Converse, René Lacaoste; Calvin Klein; Oskar Metsavaht, Osklen; Betsey Johnson; Jochen Zeitz, Puma; Renzo Rosso, Diesel.

Cover illustration by Lyndon Hayes.
See more of Lyndon's work -> HERE