Thursday, September 4

Graham Roumieu / The Secret Life Of Wine

We just received copies of 'Is This Bottle Corked? The Secret Life of Wine (Hardcover) by Kathleen Burk (Author), Michael Bywater (Author) which is beautifully illustrated by Graham Roumieu.

What was Falstaff drinking when he called for more sack? What did they actually drink at Plato's Symposium? Why does Bridget Jones drink Chardonnay? Why do we drink to forget (and why doesn't it work)? All these and many other intriguing questions will be answered in "Is this Bottle Corked?" As much for bon vivants and those of us who just enjoy a good glass or two as for the committed oenophile, this book is guaranteed to provide readers with a 'Yes, but did you know ...' for every time a cork is drawn.

Order it online -> HERE