Friday, April 3

Marc Burckhardt / Illustration Magazine Japan

The latest issue of Illustration Magazine/Japan created a special 6 page interview all about Marc Burckhardt and his work.

Here are Marc's answers in the interview.

1.How did you find your style? Why?
I was born in Germany but grew up in Texas, and the mix of cultures fostered an interest in both American folk art and Flemish Primitivism. I studied art history in college along with painting, and the symbolism and history of Old Masters crept into my own work. The idea of making images in a manner that looked historical but were about contemporary themes, and that had unusual juxtapositions, seemed to offer great possibilities to me.

2.Do you have any influenced painter, artist or style? can you tell us who? and why?
I love Northern Renaissance art: the Flemish Primitives, and Dutch 16th & 17th century work, as well as English sporting paintings and American folk artist like Ammi Phillips. Aside from the detail and odd, graphic drawing styles, I like the symbolism in these images. Most of them used long understood metaphors to talk about life, death, good, evil, and all the lessons of life.

3.What is your favourite motif and theme to paint?
I love working on anything related to music, and of course old masters motifs are always fun, with so many ways to be reinterpreted and used in a subversive way.

4. What is your recent interesting and your favourite? (any genre, art, design, work or life, etc)
Traveling is my favorite thing in life. Going anyplace new and exploring is what makes life fun, and I try to do it as much as possible.

5. What is your current job? and what do you want for a future?
I'm working on a number of projects at the moment: a series of ads, two children's books, a few editorial assignments, a poster for a play, and an upcoming gallery show. What I enjoy most is the variety of projects that come my way, and the chance to filter those subjects through my own style and point of view. As for the future, I'd be happy to continue doing what I'm doing now: painting for galleries and clients, traveling, and always having a new challenge in my art. What more could anyone ask for than that?

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