Wednesday, September 14

Tavis Coburn - Estrella Damm & La Merce Festival 2011


Tavis Coburns recent promotional artwork for Estrella Damm's 2011 La Merce Festival has been spotted in Barcelona.

The festival, which is part of the annual La Merce festivities in rememberance of the cities patron saint (and lasts five days), is a major music event hosted in the sponsores old brewery l'Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm.

The above image was taken in Barcelona as the city prepares for the event. Estrella is the city's local label, and sponsores many of the music events in the area, such as the Sonar Festivals, but Le Merce is the big one.

Tavis's image, which you can find below, can be seen across the Estrella Damm website bearing the title "La Invasio a l'Antiga Fabrica d'Estrella Damm", and any party that calls itself an Invasion sounds like fun to us.

2011 La Merce hits the l'Antiga Fabriga Estrella Damm on September 24th