Monday, January 30

Kustaa Saksi - Haapaneitty, Mettänyttö children's book


Today marks the fruition of a project long in the making for artist Kustaa Saksi, as the children's book Haapaneitty, Mettänyttö is released in Finland.

The project, fully illustrated by Kustaa throughout, follows the adventure of a young boy named Eino as he follows a cat through a large forest. Kustaas hyperdelic image making draws you in to a fully immersive story telling experience, as the book is also accompanied by a CD featuring a soundtrack to read along with.

The book is authored by Arja Puikkonen, the soundtrack composed by Kirmo Lintinen, and released by Finnish publisher Nemo.

You can find more images on Kustaa's website here, as well as more of his portfolio here.