Thursday, March 8

Dermot Flynn - Total Energy

The new advert for oil and energy giant Total has been recently released, with elements created by artist Dermot Flynn.
The stunning animation, which you can view below, guides you across the many often unseen disciplines of Total, poised as an energy company who's goals are reshaped for the future as well as all the different parts of the industry in between.

Conception : Bruno Delhomme, Guilhem Arnal, Gilles Rivollier
Direction: Oliver Durant
Art direction: Bruna Guerreiro
illustrator: Dermot flynn
2D animators: Bill Porter, Anne Calandre, Oway Lau, Markus Wagner, Dele Nuga, Jens Blank
3D: Eduardo Moya
Illustration : Dermot Flynn
Music : Charlie Nguyen Kim