Friday, November 2

7x7 Autumn 2012 gallery at Seven

This year we've been curating a rotating gallery at Seven publishing in Clerkenwell, displaying massive A0 prints of our artists wares on the walls inside their building (you can see past shows here).
This season however, we decided to mix things up a little, and have included work by not only our own Aesthetic Apparatus and a series of works by Lyndon Hayes, but also a number of undiscovered talent we've been working with recently.
Group2_2 Group_2b_1 Joe_kessler_1 Group_2_bd Luli_sanchez Nick_liefhebber_2 Ying_wu_1
Check out the photos below to see work by David Delin, Joe Kessler, Nick Liefhebber, Luli Sanchez, Ying Wu and creative duo Atelier Olschinsky.

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