Thursday, February 25

Branding & packaging design by @aestheticapparatus for ’PROHIBITION KOMBUCHA’ Traditional Kombucha has its roots in Chinese and eastern medicine, and is known for its probiotic & digestive benefits, amongst others. Therefore, a lot of Kombucha gets packaged and promoted as a health drink, but Prohibition has nothing to do with that world. Early creative direction for the brand suggested looking to liquor as the competition, as opposed to the wellness aisle. The design is a blend of Chinese name seals, prohibition-era American modernism, 19th century French libertinism, and pre-Castro bottles of rum. More of a guilty pleasure than a responsibility. Originally home-brewed by owner and polymath, Nate Uri as a mixable alternative to alcohol during a brief ‘prohibitionary’ stint of his own. Prohibition Kombucha is clean, bright, healthy and delicious. @RealKombucha