Monday, December 8

Wilfrid Wood / Summer Madness


In parks and city squares in Australia, Frosty Fruits have erected these monuments to the people who have fallen victim to Summer Madness. Wilfrid Wood's gigantic statues will pay homage to the people who have been overcome with 'The Madness' in summers gone by and taken to wearing outrageous bikinis, bad hats and corn rows.

The first character 'Dave Williams' was released outside Customs House in Sydney last week. The next character Lana will be released in Melbourne later this week.

Click here for more Flickr photos of Dave Williams:

We've been working over the past few months with Publicis Mojo in Australia. This was a really fun project but not without its fair share of hurdles to overcome. Not least trying to scale up a 12" Wilfrid Wood sculpture situated in the UK to a 5 metre high monument in Sydney, Australia. The creation process was done by scanning the sculpture in 3D ( and the 5 metre version then being made from it in Australia. The wonders of modern technology! See below for photos, the making of and the finished monument.