Monday, October 17

Tavis Coburn - Ian Fleming's Commandos


Ian Fleming's Commandos: The Story of 30 Assault Unit in WWII is the latest release by author Nicholas Rankin, and features a spectacular punchy wrap around cover by Tavis Coburn.

For those who didn't know, Ian Fleming, creator of the worlds most famous spy, was also a Lieutenant-Commander in the Navy, and personal assistant to the Director of Naval Intelligence. During the Second World War he concieved the highly covert 30 Assault Unit, whose job was to move ahead of the main armed forces and sneak behind enermy lines, collecting secret documents as they went.

Many details of the Unit are still classified, but this book delivers an amazing history of Flemings association with this highly secret operation, as they carried out orders from his infamous Black List.

Our own secret agent snapped the book in the window of Waterstones as it became available, and
Tavis's artwork can also been seen in Tube stations around London. With Christmas coming up, it could be worth grabbing a copy...

Random Fact of the Day: As well as fourteen Bond novels, did you know Ian Fleming also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

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