Tuesday, November 15

Mega-Update on www.kustaasaksi.com


On the newly updated www.KustaaSaksi.com there's loads to be happy about. New projects for Sony Playstation, Nissan, Art&Sole, Finnish Post, Caspita, (RED) x Fader, Microsoft, Husky Rescue, Pitti Uomo Fashion Fair, AT&T and Nokia.

Also, look out for the new children's book 'Haapaneitty, mettäntyttö' by Nemo Publishing out this week.
Elephant, one of our favorite design magazines, interviewed Kustaa in Amsterdam for their latest issue. Read here.

Kustaa has also recently been lecturing around at Moderna Museet (Stockholm), Grafill (Stavanger) and Mudam (Luxembourg).

His Shop continues selling limited edition giclée prints and silkscreens.