Monday, April 30

Dragon76 - Die Brüder Boateng


Through the post this morning we received a copy of Die Bruder Boateng from German publisher Klett-Cotta's Tropen imprint, with great cover art by Dragon76. Although not in english, a quick Google translation of the blurb reveals it to be far more intricate than just football.

As knowledgable people may know, the title refers to professional Ghanan footballers and brothers Kevin, George, and half brother Jerome Boateng, born in Germany. While the oldest George had a brief entry into the sport, Kevin found international fame with Tottenham Hotspur's and A.C Milan, while Jerome played for Manchester City and Bayern Munich, before playing against each other in the Germany vs. Ghana FA World Cup in 2010 (the first time two brothers had played on opposite teams in the tournament).

The book explores each of the brothers careers and insights into their lives, as well as their relationships with each other, comparing the opposing upbringing between the poorer town of Wedding, Ghana and Wilmersdorf, Germany. Unfortunately there isn't a translated version just yet, so unless you're bilingual you may have to make do with Dragons great work instead.