Thursday, April 26

Wilfrid Wood Q&A for Kuvva

Following our collaboration with Kuvva of limited edition downloadable desktops, Wilfrid Wood was kind enough to answer a few of their questions about his work, what inspires him, and upcoming pieces.


How would you describe Wilfrid Wood in one single paragraph?

I'm Wilfrid Wood, 43, grew up in the countryside, live in Hackney, I like dogs.


You’ve done graphic design at Central St. Martins, however, how did you end up making sculptures? 


I worked for a tv show in the 90's called Spitting Image, where I realised my calling was in three dimensions.


You got an awesome collection of humorous, odd-looking characters. Where do you get the inspiration for them?


Mild exaggerations of what I see around me in East London.


Can you tell us more about the creative process behind your works? For instance, where do you begin before you start on your sculpture?


I begin with pencil drawings, sometimes making a rough in plasticine but often diving straight into the final piece. 


Are there any specific works you made you’re really excited or happy about?


Not really, I usually start off excited, go through an awful low about three quarters through, then end up with something faintly dissatisfying.


When did you begin to collaborate with Dutch Uncle and how has the ride been?


I mounted the finely tuned thoroughbred that is Dutch Uncle 7 years ago. The ride is generally at a relaxed trot. I'm very comfortable in their saddle, though occasional forays have resulted in gallops out of the paddock into neighbouring fields, trampling over hedges and churning up flower beds.


Can you tell us more about the work you did featured on Kuvva


I am originally a graphic designer, I like lettering and have tried to combine this with my 3d work.


What (technical) gear do you use to create your art with?


I use wire armatures, wood, aluminium foil, polymer clay, acrylic paint, airbrushes, varnish and lots of sand paper.

Do you have other passions besides making sculptures?


Gardening 100%.

What tickles your creativity?



Got any essential tips for aspiring artists out there?


Get inspiration from nature.

Do you got any running or upcoming projects that you want to tell us about?


I'm making rioters.