Friday, February 24

Dragon76 - Live painting for Puma at the Tokyo Marathon


Running enthusiasts may know that this weekend is the Tokyo Marathon, and although at time of writing theres still just over twenty one hours to go, the past few days have played host to the Tokyo Marathon Foundation Expo, where artist Dragon76 has been taking part in some live painting at the Puma stand.

The Expo contains a vast collection of sports and running brands, and is considered nearly as large a part of the event as the Marathon itself. Dragon was set up with two murals above the huge Puma area, where he worked throughout the opening yesterday on his paintings of the Japanese gods of thunder and wind Raijin and Fujin, clad out in Puma gear. You can see more photos of Dragon at work below.

The Tokyo Marathon begins Sunday, and for more information and coverage you can follow the official website here.