Thursday, February 2

Joel Holland - JCPenney


Ah, the January Sales. As if the Christmas rush wasn't enough, shopping malls and retail parks everywhere know just how to bring out the crazy in us all for another month. All Stock Must GO! 10% Off Sale Prices! By February it's just to much to bare.

Here lies the concept behind the latest campaign for American clothing chain JCPenney, created by Mother New York and illustrated by typographer Joel Holland, to promote the brands new price structure launched this month. Joel's defiant artwork, which you can see more of on Mother NY's homepage, ties in with a TV add where the shoppers have simply had enough. Be warned, it gets pretty loud.

The new campaign and price structure also joins a rebranding of the chains logo, and plans for new store layouts and in store marketing events. So if you live stateside, keep your ears to the ground, and your eyes on Joel's handiwork.