Friday, February 17

Noma Bar - PechaKucha talk at the Design Museum

Noma Bar will be taking part in the PechaKucha talk at the Design Museum following his Cut/It/Out project being featured in the Design of the Year awards, which is currently on display there.
Noma, along with the list of other presenters, will have to curate twenty images for twenty seconds each, a format thats known to keep the event lively and fast paced.
The theme for the night is British Design, and also includes talks by Bryan Edmondson (SEA Design), Doireann Ni Ghrioghair (Artist), Gemma Curtin (Design Museum Curator), Jim Stephenson (Architectural photographer), Mike Abrahams and Amanda Tatham (Designer Breakfast), Nick Haley (BBCUX&D), Partick O'Shea (Design historian), Pete Collard (Design Programme Advisor for the British Council), Simon Stacey (Household) and Tim Beard (Bibliotheque).
The event will be on the 19th of February, tickets are £15 (£7.50 with membership). You can find more information on the Design Museum site here.